Reasons Why You Might Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Based on studies, the number of criminal activities in this city is progressively on the rise, thanks to the ever increasing gap between people boasting of obscene wealth and ghettos where people eke out a living in grinding poverty. All of these factors combined, along with homelessness, make this country a hotbed of gangsters and criminal activities. If you have committed a criminal activity, either intentionally or unintentionally, and are worried that you might be picked up by the police, your criminal defense matters, and who you choose can be the difference between your freedom and jail time.  Do not waste time and get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer immediately.


Criminal activities on the rise since 2015

There was a relative lull in criminal activities in Las Vegas for 12 years beginning 2002. However, these activities have started surfacing again from early 2015. Although there is a decline in the number of homicide cases, there is an increase in the percentage of major crimes such as car theft, which has shot up by 12.7 percent compared to 2014. The percentages property related crime and violent crime has gone up by 20 and 10 percent respectively for the same period. The number of drug addicts and along with it drug peddlers are increasing on a regular basis too. People coming out of casinos are mugged, often violently, and their winnings stolen. If this is not enough, accidents caused due to drunk driving are escalating too. Are you a part of such criminal activities? If so, you need the help of professional criminal lawyers to assist you.

Numerous reasons

You might find yourself facing criminal charges for a wide range of reasons such as organized crimes, gang crimes, white collar crimes, cyber crimes, political crimes, street crimes, drug related crimes, theft, assault, drunk driving, fraud, murders, unpaid casino markers, and much more. On such occasions, you need the help of a specialist criminal attorney who understands the intricacies of the case, builds up a strong line of defense for you, and eventually goes on to win the case. It would be foolish to assume that just any attorney will be able to help you. A general lawyer might understand the makings of a criminal case but does not have the skills required or the experience necessary to fight and win such cases.

Proving that you are not the bad guy

We grow up seeing crime thrillers and movies, hate the bad guys, and resolve that we shall never end up on being on the wrong side of the law and face a situation when the law enforcement agencies handcuff us, shove us into their car, and take us to the police station. However, chances are that we might land up in a situation, either intentionally or unintentionally (we end up severely assaulting a person, while trying to defend ourselves) on the wrong side of the law. In the latter situation, you can rest assured that you will end up behind bars, until you prove yourself innocent. Are you sure that you will be able to find witnesses of the crime scene, and seek their help to prove your innocence? Will you be able to prove that you were only trying to defend yourself and that the death of the other person was unintentional? Are you confident that you be able to present a watertight alibi?


How can a criminal defense lawyer help you

Criminal legal situations are extremely scary and it is extremely tough to find a way out unless you have a skilled criminal attorney by your side. Most people believe that these professionals can help them get bail instantaneously. This is not the case. However, these professionals check the details of the case and use their expertise and knowledge to provide you the best case scenario for your case. Remember, each minute is precious. The longer you delay in hiring a professional criminal lawyer, the tougher it will be for them to fight your case.

Criminal defense lawyers know the legal scenario of your city

The police have the right to arrest you if they suspect that you have done something illegal. Instead of waiting for them to draft a charge against you, get in touch with a professional lawyer firm immediately. You should also take pre emptive action when you have committed a criminal act and are sure that the law enforcing agencies are zeroing in on you and will grab you soon. Share all the details with the firm so that their professionals can find ways to prevent the police from arresting you or make an application for anticipatory bail. If you have been arrested you need someone to defend your case in the trial court. Although the state permits a public defender, they might not be inclined to fight your case in the most positive way possible.

What to look for while hiring a criminal defense lawyer

Do not select a law firm by their prices. You should instead check their track record. Remember, criminal charges can seriously hamper your image as well as your future prospect. Therefore, you should always opt for a firm that has the highest probability of getting you off or reducing the amount of your punishment. Apart from this, you should also check if the lawyer is sincere, compassionate, and is always available. Hiring an attorney who has successfully handled cases similar to that of yours is an added advantage.

Other reasons why you might need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas

Enjoying alcohol socially is fine. However, keep control of the number of drinks you consume. Make sure that you do not leave the premises and drive your car in a drunken state. You might unknowingly cause injury or death to someone else and find yourself implicated for drunken driving. Contacting a professional criminal attorney immediately will help you get the best possible defense as allowed within the legal framework.





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